@▷ 2C cell LED Flashlight | Diagram for Schematic

2C cell LED Flashlight

Next we have the circuit from an actual LED flashlight. This circuit is so small that it fits inside the “bulb base” behind the reflector in a 2C cell flashlight. All of the parts are surface mount except the LEDs, the 2N3904 and the coil. The LED in the schematic is actually 8 5mm ultra bright white LEDs. Unfortunately, once again we have an unmarked surface mount capacitor.

Instead of a CdS cell, a flashlight of course has a switch. In our walkway marker circuit, one of the transistors took the place of the switch, so the oscillator section was really 2 coils and a transistor. Now instead, this oscillator has one coil and two transistors. The coil is also different. It is a larger wire wound I core instead of the type that resembles a resistor. A larger coil and transistor means more power since it has to drive 8 LEDs instead of just one. Plus the white LEDs have a 4v voltage drop instead the 3v drop of the amber one from the walkway marker.


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