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Automatic Plant watering reminder

House plants in general often have a pretty hard time of it compared to their garden bound cousins, which seem to get more than their fair share of watering, even if their owner forgets, thanks to the British weather. With so many other things to think about, the first reminder that many people get to water their plants is when it is noticed that one or two are wilting or the leaves are turning brown and dropping off! Modern central heating also ensures that the soil in pots dries out much faster, making regular watering more important, so that a little electronic help in remembering to do so should be most welcome.
The circuit suggested here, and shown in Fig.20, drives a piezo sounder, WD1, to
provide a timely warning that the soil in the plant pot is almost dry. Hopefully, the plants will be watered regularly so the alarm will remain off but it may become active at any time and it is unlikely that the plants will be watered immediately as the owner may be out. It may therefore continue to sound all day before the plants are watered. To avoid having to replace the battery too often, it is important to ensure that the current drain in either condition is as low as possible. To minimise the current drain during the alarm condition, a complementary astable circuit built around transistors TR2 and TR3 is used. Its operation is beyond the scope of this article, but it oscillates with a frequency determined by resistor R2 and capacitor C1. With the component values given the frequency will be about 2kHz, producing a fairly loud sound from piezo sounder WD1. This device has a very high impedance and so a load resistor, R3, is provided for TR3.
Source: http://www.freecircuits.org/2011/04/automatic-plant-watering-reminder.html

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