@▷ Automatic timer switch with ic 7611 | Diagram for Schematic

Automatic timer switch with ic 7611

This circuit will help facilitate in sleepy eliminating the need to get off or the radio. Etc., which can save energy costs down.
When the switch S1 / 2 power input to the circuit C1 No. 7611. To a voltage comparison circuit. The pin 3 is the noninverting pin. for pin 2 to pin inverting.
The pin 3 was divided voltage from R3 and R4. Used as a reference voltage for comparing the voltage at Pin 2 And the voltage drop across C2.The VR1, R1 and C2 is set to delay.To set up a long time. I add the R1 and C2.The switch S1 / 1 to determine the C2 discharge through R10 out.To start new work while off.The switch S1 / 1 and S1 / 2 are in the same But working conditions are opposite.

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