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Build many VU Meter circuits with LM3914

I make a lot of amplifiers. Because I like to listen to music. And a VU Meter circuit is a circuit that I like it. In addition, it is used to display the power level of the audio, it also is beautiful.
Many friends, would prefer same me. When you go to the electronic equipment store to buy the VU meter kit, with the assembly various parts on their own or the style ready to use. Most of us are using the IC-LM3914, because it is convenient, easy to modify in many form. Today I assemble a the circuits that use this IC. Sometimes you are looking for ideas on this. For example: Flashing lights by the band, to decorate the Christmas tree, exotic, and unique.

Note: Here is Features of LM3914
-Drives LEDs, LCDs or vacuum fluorescents
-Bar or dot display mode externally selectable by user
-Expandable to displays of 100 steps
-Internal voltage reference from 1.2V to 12V
-Operates with single supply of less than 3V
-Inputs operate down to ground
-Output current programmable from 2 mA to 30 mA
-No multiplex switching or interaction between outputs
-Input withstands 35V without damage or false outputs
-LED driver outputs are current regulated, open-collectors
-Outputs can interface with TTL or CMOS logic
-The internal 10-step divider is floating and can be referenced to a wide range of voltages

LED VU Meter by IC LM3914

This is Circuit LM3914 LED VU Meter. use IC1-LM3914 and Transistor BC109C, By circuit will show level of audio signal(power Music) is “dB” in six level by LED display or also known as VU-METER. for the stereo system. In this :

Led light based music circuit with LM3914

This is a simple light running circuit by music This circuit is not difficult, is MONO, with a few accessories. Can be connected to the output of a CD or cassette player Time.
Operation of the circuit. Begins to be input via VR. The VR will function fine, signal strength coming. D1 will take disconnected hemisphere plus leaving only the signal hemisphere removed to activation of Q1. Signal is extended through Q1 to pin 5 input of IC1. By C1 forward delay of the IC is not the LED (connected to the output. of IC1) off immediately. The IC IC1 is finished. The act shows the effect of the voltage at IC1 pin 5 of the display by the LED to pins 1-19 of the IC, which is within range. compared to a multiple voltage standard circuits. The circuit can operate effectively. In the R1 that it will determine the current flowing through the LED. To prevent LED damage.
Use should be connected to the input of the circuit. To the speaker terminals, change the value of R3 is 10k and IC1 can choose to display two types Bar (Bar) when the pin 9 and a power source. Dots (Dot) on 9-pin to float to drop.

Led light based music stereo with multi system

This circuit is another name for the VU meter. which often have a lot of equipment. Cause problems for people who start training. But this cycle is not much equipment. You can also choose, in the.
Running a bar or run with a point.
Operation of the circuit. It is the primary device IC number

Note: Do not forget to take a look the VU meter kit on the LED VU meter circuit by transistor

The V.U. meter that works with the integrated amplifier circuit.The signal will sound, the audio amplifier circuit into VU meter circuit.And will show the level of the signal by flashing light. Rh ...

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