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Capacitive Transducer Circuit

The circuit is capacitive transducer. The output of the tachometer is proportional to the product of supply voltage, input frequency, a capacitor and a resistor. Any one of these may be used as the input variable or they may be used in combination to produce multiplication. An example of a capacitive transducer, where a fixed input frequency is employed either from the 60 Hz line as a convenient source or from a stable oscillator. The capacitor is a variable element mechanically coupled to the system whose position is to be sensed. The output is proportional to the capacitance value, which can be arranged to have any desired relationship to the mechanical input by suitable shaping of the capacitor electrodes. Here is a schematic capacitive transducer circuit drawing:

Capasitive Transducer Circuit with LM2907 400x308 Capacitive Transducer Circuit

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