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Combination lock using PIC16F84

This is my electronic combination lock to use with an outdoor gate. The functionality is implemented in software. It turns on a relay (usually to open a door) for a few seconds if someone enters the valid code. Alternatively, it works as an ON/OFF switch, which toggles the relay each time the code is entered. This relay can operate a power-to-open type electric strike with a shorting contact or a power-to-hold type electromagnetic lock with a breaking contact (we need the relay because these locks usually work with AC, not DC). The code can be changed any time after entering the current code. Current consumption of the circuit is low, because the PIC sleeps most of the time, and wakes up only for processing key presses. If you don’t have a crystal, you can use the RC oscillator of the PIC16F84 as well, just check the PIC datasheets for details on oscillator configurations. The 16F628 already contains an internal RC oscillator, so no crystal is needed…
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