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Crystal Controlled Oscillator Circuit

Crystal Controlled Oscillator Circuits

Crystal Controlled Oscillator Circuit

This general purpose signal source serves very well in signal-tracing applications. The output level is variable to more than 1 Vrms into a 50Ω load. Almost any crystal in the 1 to 15 MHz range can be used.

Crystal Controlled Oscillator Circuit diagram

PARTS LIST R1 10kΩ R2 10kΩ R3 10kΩ R4 10kΩ R5 2.2kΩ R6 470Ω R7 33Ω R8 500Ω Preset C1 0.001µF (102) C2 100pF C3 0.001µF (102) C4 0.01µF (103) C5 0.01µF (103) C6 0.01µF (103) Q1 2N2222 Q2 2N2222 XTAL1 CRYSTAL (1 to 15 MHz)

Q1 forms a Colpitts oscillator with the output taken from the emitter.

2N2222 NPN switching transistor pin configuration

2N2222 Pin Configuration

A capacitive voltage divider (across the 2.2k Ω emitter resistor) reduces the voltage applied to the buffer amplifiers Q2. The buffer and emitter follower, provides the low input impedance necessary to drive 50Ω loads.

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