@▷ DC Power Supply 300V From battery 12V | Diagram for Schematic

DC Power Supply 300V From battery 12V

This be DC Converter Battery 12V to DC 300V. By 2N3055 transistors and 2N1305 are pillar equipment and power transformer transform the sky tallly go up then change voltage regulator rectifier with diode and Capacitors make output have voltage about 300V at Current 55mA. With this circuit a friend can apply the work next. Request have fun , DC Power Supply 300V or DC Converter 300V , please sir.

DC Power Supply  300V From battery 12V

The following circuits to similar to the this circuit.
The variable high voltage power supply 0-300V Here is the variable high voltage dc power supply circuit, which we can customize the output voltage from 0 to 311Vdc, and it is protected the current over limit that we define at about 100 mA.[...]

High Voltage mini power supply by 2N2222 This be Mini high voltage generator at my friend wants. Because of use the transistor 2 pcs only just,build small-sized easy good. By this circuit gives pulse Generator 220V from 9V batteries [...]

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