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Delay switch turn on the monitor

This is a time delay switch on the monitor. The contacts of the relay acts as a switch.The contacts of the relay, acting as a switch.When entering into the 220volt mains. Circuit delay for a while. To reduce current surges, gradually flowing into it, over time.
The resistor R1 and capacitor C1, C2, it allows current to flow into the circuit, only about 40 milliamps. It has a voltage zener diode ZD1 limited to a 15 volt, and through the rectifier diode D1, diode D2 coupling a bias voltage to the transistor Q1, and a drive current to the relay RY1. Switch contacts touch each other next to the main 220 volt and monitor.
The C4 capacitor current to transistor Q1.The half negative phase AC power, because the voltage across rectifier D1 is only half the positive side only. This circuit, transistors must work all the time, while using the device. So, connect the C4. The filter’s capacitor C3 flows smoothly. Diode D3 prevents reverse voltage from the coil of the relay, which can cause circuit damage.

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