@▷ Digital Touch Switch low cost by Timer IC 555 | Diagram for Schematic

Digital Touch Switch low cost by Timer IC 555

Touch Switch circuit By IC CD4001,CD4020

This be touch switch be simple again the circuit. It use integrated digital circuit is important equipment, and use volt power supply low just 9V. By use single metal, it works in the character turn ON and turn OFF. By when touch for the first time turn ON , but enough for the second time turn OFF. The circuit composes IC CD4001 take electric signal from a finger become the digital signal for change. The IC CD4020 be the counts two circuit or the divides circuit by two. Subsequently submit give the transistor drive Load next.
Touch Switch By IC 4001 & IC 4020

Touch Switch using UJT 2N3819

This be Very Simple Touch Switch Circuit. It used UJT 2N3819 is Main part numbers should set up this outside building circuit. When stay far from electric line or Power Line very much. Enough touch at infront touch 1 metal and 2 make Relay work ON get. When but urgent touch 2 metals only make Relay stop work OFF get. For within a building must enhance the part mends or infront touch 3 metals with follow circuit picture. The Relay use 6V to 9V sizes and Volt supply use 6V to 9V levels all right sir. Request friends have fun Touch Switch using UJT 2N3819 , please sir.

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