@▷ DIY Solar Birdhouse Light | Diagram for Schematic

DIY Solar Birdhouse Light

This solar birdhouse light is an economical circuit of a mini solar lighting system circuit is presented here. At the heart of the circuit is a mini 6V/2W solar panel. Here, this solar panel is used to charge a 4V/800mAh rechargeable battery through a charge current limiter circuit built around an adjustable 3-pin regulator LM317T (IC1).

Resistor R1 sets the output current. The lighting circuit comprising 20 white LEDs are directly powered the battery. Swich S1 is a simple on/off switch. Assemble the circuit on a small PCB and enclose in a suitable cabinet. Fix the solar panel on the top of the cabinet and power switch and LEDs on the front side.

Specification of a typical 6V/2W solar panel:

  • Maximum Power (Pm) :2W
  • Working Voltage (Vmp):9V
  • Working Current (Imp) :220mA
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) :10.5V
  • Power Tolerance:-3% to +5%

Assuming a 6 hour sunlit day, a 2 watt panel (near 150mA current set by the regulator IC1+R1) will pump about 900mAh into the battery. Solar charging current can be reduced by increasing the value of R1 ,say from 8.2 Ohm to 10 Ohm.

Solar Birdhouse Circuit Schematic

solar birdhouse light circuit diagram