@▷ Dual Power Supply 24V and 12V unregulator | Diagram for Schematic

Dual Power Supply 24V and 12V unregulator

There are two power supplies: one version for the amplifier and muting timer The power transformer secondary supplies about 18Vrms, so the V+ rail is about 24VDC, adequate also for hi-Z headphones. I don’t like regulated power supply units for this kind of circuits, so a simple Pi filter is employed here, made by C2, C6 and R18. The PSRR of the audio circuit is about 30dB. With a 30-Ohm output load, I’ve measured about 350uV (1uV = 1*10-6 Volts!!); in spite of this, since the Grados are quite sensitive headphones, a little hum can be heard, only if the room noise floor is absolutely low and there is no signal applied at the input, of course.

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