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Electronic siren circuit with two transistor

Operation of the circuit is Q1 and Q2 will work with R3, R4 and C2 is a frequency generator circuit with output connected to LED1 and speakers SP1. When I press the switch S1 to the C1 will begin to charge allows the voltage to pin B of Q1 increase other. The Q1 is working and Q2 is working with at the C1 charge full cycle will stop oscillator speaker is not.
The LED1 light and hold the release the pressure switch S1, resulting in C1 will start discharger through R3, Q1 to ground. The oscillator circuit sound Sirens in the lower out. If we press the switch S1 and then quickly leave many. The sound will be as continuous as C1 to charge and discharge alternately continuously.
Electronic siren circuit with two transistor

This is simple circuit than upper.let’s build now!:)

Simple Siren by 2N2907 Transistor

This be Simple Siren Circuit that build easily. Because of use the transistor 2 pcs only just. Can use 8 ohm size loudspeakers. Which , I uses old loudspeaker , at the sound doesn’t Amen! come to usable with this comfortable circuit. The usability just you presses switch (close) S1 a loudspeaker will utter. Enhance the frequency goes up (C1 , loaded ). When liberate Switch(Open)S1. The sound will decrease the frequency down (C1 , disgorge load ) change the value R1. For change the time goes up – down. Please see circuit picture assembles.
Simple Siren by 2N2907 Transistor

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