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Fire Alarm Using Thermistor

In this fire alarm circuit, a thermistor works as the heat sensor. When temperature increases, its resistance decreases, and vice versa. At normal temperature, the resistance of the thermistor (TH1) is approximately 10 kilo-ohms, which reduces to a few ohms as the temperature increases beyond 100°C. The circuit uses readily available components and can be easily constructed on any general purpose PCB.
Timer IC NE555 (IC1) is wired as an astable multivibrator oscillating in audio frequency band. Switching transistors T1 and T2 drive multivibrator NE555 (IC1). The output of IC1 is connected to npn transistor T3, which drives the loudspeaker (LS1) to generate sound. The frequency of IC1 depends on the values of resistors R5 and R6 and capacitor C2. [...]

source: http://applicationcircuit.blogspot.com/2008/07/

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