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Frequency Brighteners Guitar Effect Schematic Diagram

The following circuit diagram is an electric guitar schematic of Frequency Brighteners effect :

frequency brighteners effect guitar circuit schematic diagram

These two effect modules are not actually guitar effects per se, but rather synth modules that will work on any analog signal. The input and output impedance may need altering depending on your needs. The high frequency brighteners is nothing more than a simple booster with a gain control (1k) and an intensity contol (5k). The all signal brightener, however, has a separate control for brightening the low end (100k) as well as the high end of the frequency spectrum (100k). The 10k trimmer is a set and forget type adjustment. Set it so the circuit breaks into oscillation, then back up the setting to the point where the oscillation just stops. These two modules were excerpted from Music Synthetizers. [source : Delton Horn Manual of Design and Construction]