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Introduction to Power MOSFETs and their Applications

The Power MOSFETs that are available today perform the same function as Bipolar transistors except the former are voltage controlled in contrast to the current controlled Bipolar devices. Today MOSFETs owe their ever-increasing popularity to their high input impedance and to the fact that being a majority carrier device, they do not suffer from minority carrier storage time effects, thermal runaway, or second breakdown.–article quote

Another topics discussed inside the application note including the introduction, Mosfet operation including the advantages and major disadvantages of MOSFETs, parasitic diode, controlling the MOSFET, switching behavior, Mosfet characterization, importance of threshold voltage, power MOSFET thermal model, safe operating area, on-resistance, transconductance, gate drive circuits for power mosfets, Selecting a drive circuit, datasheet identifications, and many more.

Source :  (Faichild Semiconductor)

Circuit diagram for PWM IC Driving Mosfet

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