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LMD18200 Bootstrap Circuit Diagram and Datasheet

[DC Motor Driver] LMD18200 Bootstrap Circuit Diagram and Datasheet: lmd18200-bootstrap-circuitry-thumb.jpg

The following figure show you with bootstrap circuitry of the National Semiconductor LMD18200 3A, 55V H-Bridge which LMD18200 Bootstrap Circuitry is designed for motion control applications. The device is ideal for used in applications such as DC and stepper motor drives, factory automation robots, numerically controlled machinery and etc.

As shown in the figure, the LMD18200 provides for the use of external bootsrrap capacitors in order to have a higher switching frequencies. According to the datasheet, an external 10 nF capacitors which connected from the outputs to the bootsrap pins (each high side switch) producing switching frequencies up to 500 kHz.

Within the datasheet you will find sections such as the LMD18200 pinout description, readily interface of PWM signals, using the current sense output, using the thermal warning flag, supply bypassing, current limiting protection circuitry, a built-in protection diodes in addition of internal charge pump and the use of bootstrap capacitors.

Complete read of LMD18200 Bootstrap Circuit Diagram can be seen in the LMD18200 Datasheet (source: national.com)

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