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Microchip TC4422 High Speed MOSFET Drivers Datasheet

This is TC4421/TC4422 datasheet, a high current buffers/drivers device has ability in driving MOSFETs which is produced TC4421 TC4422 Switching Time Test Circuits by Microchip. TC4422 used to be applied in applications such as pulse generators, motor and solenoid driver, driving the largest MOSFETs, and line drivers for extra heavily-loaded lines.

TC4422 features 9A high peak output current, wide input supply voltage operating range (4.5V to 18V), 2A max continuous output current, typically 30 ns propagation delays, low supply current and output impedance, and pin-compatible with the TC4420/TC4429 6A MOSFET driver.

In the datasheet you will found table with pin function and descriptions, Supply Input (Vdd), Control Input, CMOS Push-Pull Output, Ground, Exposed Metal Pad, and Application Informations. The picture shown Switching Time Test Circuits of the TC4421/TC4422 which pinout is for the DFN, PDIP and SOIC packages.

Complete Microchip High Speed MOSFET Drivers can be read in the TC4422 datasheet (source: microchip.com)

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