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Mini switches controlled by light

Mini switch control circuits with light, by used the photo transistor is a light sensor, and Schmitt Trigger output drive current, Out a load or an external circuit,can supply up to 25 milliamps.
This circuit uses less equipment. Can be used for small loads directly.Or used to drive relays,or The device Optocoupler type,for To drive the load, AC or DC high-voltage.
The circuits working, when the light hits the photo-transistor Q1 the current flow through the junction collector-emitter. And, to a voltage drop across VR1 is a voltage “high”, to trigger the first Schmitt Trigger IC1 / 6 ,the output comes out as “low”.And a Schmitt Trigger, 5 parallel to the inverter gate, the output voltage of the output is “high” in parallel, so that the maximum drive current, or about 25 milliamps.
The Resistor R1 and capacitor C1 to an RC network to block noise that may be inserted.The problem of noise may increase slightly the C1, a private variable resistor VR1. To adjust the sensitivity of the switches Q1, when the light comes on. Circuit can supply up to 16 volts.

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