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Modular Bulgar Alarm circuit

This is the schematic diagram of modular bulgar alarm circuit:

Modular bulgar alarm schematic diagram 300x193 Modular Bulgar Alarm circuit

About bulgar alarm circuit:
This circuit features automatic Exit and Entry delays and a timed Bell Cut-off. It has provision for both normally-closed and normally-open contacts, and a 24-hour Personal Attack/Tamper zone. It is connected permanently to the 12-volt supply and its operation is “enabled” by opening SW1.

The basic circuit will be satisfactory in many situations. However, it’s much easier to find a fault when the alarm is divided into zones and the control panel can remember which zone has caused the activation. The expansion modules are designed to do this. Although they will work with the existing instant zone, they are intended to replace it. When a zone is activated, its red LED will light and remain lit until the reset button is pressed. All the modules can share a single reset button.

Complete modular bulgar alarm circuit explanation:


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