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Most common emergency sirens circuits

The siren circuit is what importance in various alarm. For example : the emergency alert, burglar alarm circuits, Fire alarm circuits, Timer , sensor controls, etc. If we have not these circuit, We will not able to recognize the functionality of the circuit,we set out.

1.Electronic siren circuit with two transistor

Operation of the circuit is Q1 and Q2 will work with R3, R4 and C2 is a frequency generator circuit with output connected to LED1 and speakers SP1. When I press the switch S1 to the C1 will begin to charge allows the voltage to pin B of Q1 increase other. The Q1 is working and Q2 is working with at the C1 charge full cycle will stop oscillator speaker is not.
The LED1 light and hold the release the pressure switch S1, resulting in C1 will start discharger through R3, Q1 to ground. The oscillator circuit sound Sirens in the lower out. If we press the switch S1 and then quickly leave many. The sound will be as continuous as C1 to charge and discharge alternately continuously.

This is simple circuit than upper.let’s build now!:)

Simple Siren by 2N2907 Transistor

This be Simple Siren Circuit that build easily. Because of use the transistor 2 pcs only just. Can use 8 ohm size loudspeakers. Which , I uses old loudspeaker , at the sound doesn’t Amen! come to usable with this comfortable circuit. The usability just you presses switch (close) S1 a loudspeaker will utter. Enhance the frequency goes up (C1 , loaded ). When liberate Switch(Open)S1. The sound will decrease the frequency down (C1 , disgorge load ) change the value R1. For change the time goes up – down. Please see circuit picture assembles.

Ambulance sirens circuit

This circuit is a circuit that sounds a siren-like sound of ambulance sirens. This circuit is different to an ambulance siren circuit generally, is to use transistors instead of IC 555. Which allows economical and easy to tailor a network.
Operation of the circuit. This cycle can be divided into three main parts is the low frequency production. Production of high frequency. The amplifier. The manufacture low-frequency includes Q1(C458), Q2(C458), R2, R3, C2, C3. Which will produce low-frequency out and to extend the Q3. Before you sent with high frequency of origin from Q4(C458), Q5(C458), R8, R9. , C5, C6 signal is included, then the output will come out to the leg E of the Q5(BC547). and then be expanded with Q6(BC547) to drive the speakers. The C1, C4 is intended to stir filter collects them. The R11 will help prevent speaker damage.

Two sirens sound with ic 555

Operation of the circuit. Circuit is divided into three parts: low frequency production. The manufacturing high frequency and extension of production low frequency is obtained from IC1 connected to astable multi vibrator circuit frequency is set by R1, C2 frequencies that are coming out of pin 3 is about 1 Hz through R2 to be good 5. of IC2, a division produce high-frequency input at Pin 5 will tone the origin of oscillator IC2 is the ripple of voltage from the output of IC1 frequency of IC2 is being set by R3, C3, which, if C3 value. will be very low tone if C3 is less treble The output will have to stand out in three legs of IC2 to stimulate B of Q1 to amplify signals that drive speakers.

Police sirens sound with ic 555

Many a person will might excited with siren sound the all that ever hear. Because we will hear when there is an accident emergency event. But ever suspect that how is those sound can happen ?
The work of the circuit IC1 which build be astable multi vibrator circuit. Will signal frequency low origin comes out the way pin 3 have about 1 Hz by frequency value that s were fixed by the value , R1, R2, C1 signal the frequency will have that to come out pin 3 ways which built get along well with 5 of IC2 change R5 . By the frequency from IC1 will touch total up with the frequency at IC2 establish will valuable about 440 Hz – 550 Hz the frequency had that to sent come out pin 3 ways. Which be take gush up of IC2 the connection goes to get along well with B of Q1 for enlarge the trend comes to sing bail make the sound of the circuit that comes out resemble the sound of police siren.

Two tone siren sound with IC 4093

This circuit, you can create a siren has two characteristics, the automatic is a siren. Sirens and custom. The circuit uses CMOS nand gate digital IC number IC 4093 features Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger makes it easy to use and very diverse. This circuit can be used with speakers or amplifiers to additional offline.

Principle of the circuit is the circuit switch S2a, S2b, which will run simultaneously at work. By acting as an option that will give birth to what kind siren. If the slide switch positions on a circuit, auto siren sound generator, will be IC1a, IC1b a siren signal generator. The signal will then be extended through C6 with Q1, to drive the speakers. If you move the switch to position 2 is the circuit we need to press the switch S1 to tone siren itself, and will be IC1c, IC1d while switch S1 sound is much higher, but when we switch S1 signal. Gradually lower, the signal generator will be delivered through C6 to Q1 growth to drive speakers as well.

Four sirens sound with ic UM3561

Operation of the circuit uses a UM3516 IC IC1 number ready to create a sound all four sound at pin 7, 8 of IC1 to the R1, VR1 to take to control the frequency of oscillator circuit the internal IC. If the VR1 adjust less frequently and will increase, if VR1 adjusts the frequency that would cost a lot less. When the power supply is integrated into the police car sirens sound out.
If the switch S1 will press space, press switch S2 sound gun will fire if the sirens sound, press switch S3 ambulance sirens will sound signals are sent out from pin 3 of IC1 then.
Expanded with Q1, Q2, with R1 serves to limit current in pin B of Q1.

Four sirens sound with ic UM3561

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