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New LED efficacy 1A operation

Japanese LED pioneer Nichia has claimed it has achieved a record luminous-efficacy figure in a device running at 1A drive current. A figure of 135 lm/W was reported for four 1×1-mm die connected in series.
Yukio Narukawa and colleagues note that at 1913 lm their device had a higher flux than a 20W-class fluorescent lamp and 1.5 times the luminous efficacy of a tri-phosphor fluorescent lamp.
Nichia also improved its LED’s optical performance, focusing on making sure as little light as possible remains trapped inside it by total internal reflection through optimizing its extraction efficiency. To do this, Narukawa’s team switched the traditional translucent nickel-gold alloy electrode on top of the device that only allows 40% of light through to indium-tin-oxide (ITO) material that lets 90% of light past it. They also switched from a traditional flat sapphire substrate to one with a pattern, which is less prone to trapping light.
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