@▷ Ornamental Flashing LEDs | Diagram for Schematic

Ornamental Flashing LEDs

This circuit can flash three sets of LEDs with different levels of Flashing. It can be used as Ornamental displays.

The circuit uses a simple Astable multivibrator built around the popular timer IC NE555. Resistors R1,R2 and capacitor C1 determines the output frequency. When the output becomes high, Red LEDs lights first. When the capacitor C3 charges fully, Yellow LEDs light. The delay time between this depends on the value of C3. When the output of Astable turns low Green LEDs light using the current stored in the capacitor. Since this cycle is very fast, different levels of Flashing can be obtained. If the light from Green LEDs is low, reduce the number to one.

Ornamental Flashing LEDs Circuit