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Overload protection circuit

Generally the level of a signal that departs output of sound signal generator the all. The that get fix have standard same score be 1Vrms. But in now audio signal generator the all the that may produce come to exceed limitation standard of the level input of stereo power amplifier. Thus have to have Overload protection circuit, for protect a part amplifier and a loudspeaker are damaged.
From circuit that picture when have input voltage resistor R1 perform current limit preceding still diode D1-D4 , build model Full wave rectifier circuit, for change ACV come to be DCV. By still be Input voltage give with transistor Q1 be when input voltage level (Vin) exceed tall 1 mV RMS. The transistor work be like something through the circuit. Then make have no volt signal pass by give with output (Vout). Buy Speaker Protection Circuit Kit

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