@▷ OverVoltage Protection Circuit | Diagram for Schematic

OverVoltage Protection Circuit

This overvoltage protection or crowbar protection circuit is used where we need protection against high voltage surge. The circuit has a few components, it is very easy to build and will protect your electric equipment againg overvoltages. The crowbar circuit must be mounted between power supply and the protected device.

The over voltage protection circuit is based on brute force: when the power supply voltage increases too much a thyristor shortcircuit the output. This mean that the overvoltage is quickly removed from equipment power terminals and F1 fuse will burn.

The voltage at which the crowbar protection starts is set between 5V and 25V with P1:

  1. adjust P1 at maximum resistance value.
  2. temporarily replace the fuse with a wire and connect the crowbar circuit at a variable power supply.
  3. adjust the current limitation at 1 A si the output voltage at the desired value to activate crowbar protection.
  4. slowly rotate P1 until activation of the thyristor (when the current limitator engages)

The overvoltage (crowbar) circuit is now set. Replace the wire bridge with a fuse (5A). In repaos state the circuit take 1 mA.

Over Voltage/Crowbar Protection Circuit Diagram

overvoltage protection circuit diagram