@▷ Pathway Lighting with LEDs | Diagram for Schematic

Pathway Lighting with LEDs

Simple pathway lighting that would provide illumination for the path at night. Extension for the Solar garden Light. The torroid is bifilar wound. The Torroid is 10mm and Cat 5 cable is wound around the same.

Solar panels of 3.5 maybe difficult to procure using 2 2V panels in series could be used. If you do use 4V panel then suggest you add another diode in series with 1N4001 to drop voltage to contain voltage to the battery.

The characteristic voltage for a white LED is 3.2V but the addition of the torroid provides the boost to drive the white LED. If you cannot procure the battery as suggested you can use 600 mAH battery then do not go above 3/4 LED’s.

Pathway LED Lights Schematic

pathway lighting circuit schematic