@▷ PIC based Spectrum Analyser for PC | Diagram for Schematic

PIC based Spectrum Analyser for PC

PIC based Spectrum Analyser for PC


PIC based Spectrum Analyser for PC


This is PIC18F2550 based Spectrum analyzer mod for PC. It uses WG24064A 240x64 graphical LCD with T6963 controller to display the result.

PIC based Spectrum Analyser for PC

Microchip has now PIC-USB-Flash controller in the program. For example, Reichelt get PIC18F2550. This one does not have a USB chip with various components and a microcontroller. Both components are combined into a single chip. Microchip sells these chips in DIP package. The work for prototype development and electronic hobbyist makes it much easier. The PIC18F2550 is a USB2.0 Full Speed ​​Device (12Mbit / s). So, faster than a PIC16C745. The data rate should be, according to a data sheet to 80kB / s.

Unfortunately, the PIC18F2550 NOT programmed a USB boot loader comes with. To boot loader into the PIC to get a USB PIC programmer need the support a PIC18F2550. For example, by Sprut . The USB bootloader once inside the PIC can be programmed via USB.

Necessary software from Microchip:
The best all application notes and software for PIC18F4550 PICDEM (TM) FS USB Board download and install. They contain install the necessary drivers and INF files to. Then everything ends up in C: \ MCHPFSUSB \ Pc \.

With PDFSUSB to program the PIC of the bootloader
Microchip C18 Compiler to write a Trial to own programs

Experimental board and circuit board (Eagle 3.55)
PIC18F2550 bootloader

How does the boot loader?
By connecting the circuit to the USB port and nothing makes runs the normal program going on in the PIC. If you connect with the boot holding down button starts running the boot loader. You can start the boot loader and when connected by pressing the reset button and holds, then, press the boot button and holds it. Then release the reset button and a second later, the boat key. Now you can program the PIC with PDFSUSB via USB.

Now how do I transport data to / from the PIC?
There are at Microchip several code examples how to write programs for the PIC. As HID (Human Interface Device), a special DLL from Microchip or CDC device (Communication Device Class). The latter I have used here. CDC is working on a virtual COM port. Man writes his programs as if they appeal to a serial port. CDC no special driver is required. Everything runs on usbser.sys. The W98 is on and above it. The CDC demo of micro chip only runs at W2000/XP. For W98 it is unfortunately no INF file to install the driver from Microchip. If anyone knows how to create such an INF file, bring it on.

The baud rate, parity, handshaking, etc., no matter because the data transmission at 12 Mbit / s over USB is.

CDC sample programs

Oops! Before you burn down the programs in the PIC has the USB bootloader programmed into the PIC. This is not USB.

First test program: CDC_Echo Sends all you PIC sends to simply reset. For the first test with a terminal program.

Second Program: Serial USB LCD display. Works with the LCD-plugin for Winamp and LCD Smartie (V5.3). As you can display each HD44780 compatible display company. Schematic and layout for a small adapter above the board with it. and backlight can adjust the contrast with the programs you do not. But one could easily retrofitted.


Holgi T6963 Monster's USB display with PIC18F2550
Hi case modder. You have a small blue 4x20 display in your PC? How cute. Mine is four times larger than yours;)

The display above is a 240x64 pixel graphics display controller with T6963 WG24064A of Winstar. If it responds in text mode and adjusts the font you get a 6x8 display with 8 lines x 40 characters! The Spectrum Analyzer quoted above alone is 4x20. The display is so wide that it does not fit into a 5 1 / 4 inch shaft. Must therefore be used externally.

Oops! First, the boot loader must be programmed into the PIC. This is not USB.
For this circuit must have a custom boot loader can be used. So do not take the test board from my PIC18F2550!
This feature works only with W2k/XP.

Schematic, Board (Eagle 3.55), source code, hex files (bootloader, Crystal, Matrix) for MCC18 and an INI file
for Winamp LCD plugin from Markus Zehnder . In any case version 0.6.4.a use. Non-linear-spectrum analyzer "take".

Problems with the usual PC-LCD programs (as of 17.08.2005)
LCDHype can not seem to serial displays. I could not find a setting for it.
LCD Smartie displays can not 8x40. I could not find a setting for it.
jaLCDs can not 8x40 serial display. I could not find a setting for it. COM5 apparently not the point.