@▷ Pocket Burglar Alarm | Diagram for Schematic

Pocket Burglar Alarm

Pocket Burglar Alarm Pocket Burglar AlarmThis is a multi functional infrared intruder hysteria that has (recognized about) been squeezed into a zippo lighter. I made it as quota of the Gift Exchange. It factory by sending out a modulated infrared indicate. The overseer thensenses any of the reflected indicate, this is how it knows if anyone haspassed by. The highest board contains a pickaxe chip. There is a manner select buttonwhich allows you to path through the different detection methods and alerts. It runs off of 3 x AG-13 button cells and can perceive up to 15cm+ in profit conditions. For a demo watch this video. If video won’t manifest, mend-click and watch on YouTube   I also made a duo of mandate manuals which are attached. Instructables reduces the prediction quality of uploads so I’ve included aPDF with all the diagram illustrations at overripe res.