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Several Circuit Protection Device for Automotive

There are circuit protection devices available in variety of types, shape, and specific current ratings used to be applied Manual Circuit Breaker Construction in automotive purposes such fuses, fuse elements, fusible links, and circuit breakers. Their functions are used to protect wires and connectors from being damaged by an over current or short-circuit.

In the following article you will find such a description of each of those devices. A brief and clear explanation with illustration picture will describe fuses, fuse locations, fuse/relay block covers, fuse types, common fuse types, fuse amperage color rating, older type fuses, fusible links and fuse elements, fuse elements cartridge and construction, fuse element color identification, fusible elements, fusible links, circuit breakers, constructions and operation, manual and automatic reset type, cycling circuit breaker, and polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC).

Complete read about Automotive Circuit Protection Device can be download in pdf filetype (source: autoshop101.com)

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