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Shining Lamp Display Circuit Schematic Diagram

With this circuit, any word can be displayed from the series of 5mm LED. The LEDs has small size and low power. They’re easy to control and arranged according to our wishes. In this the LEDs are arranged to become the word “WELCOME”. IC1 serves as an astable multivibrator, which will trigger IC2. IC2 serves as 10 decoder output, particularly as the LED controller. The IC1 output frequency is 1 Hz. This value can be adjusted by turning the VR1 potentiometer.

Shining Lamp Display Circuit Diagram

Components list :

Diode D1-D28 : 1N4148
Resistor R1 : 10K
Resistor R2-R8 : 330 ohm
Resistor R9 : 10k ohm, 0.25Watt
Resistor Variable VR1 : 100k ohm
Polar capacitor C1 : 10 uF/16 V
Capacitor C2 : 0.01 uF
Transistor T1-T7 : 2N3053
IC1 : CD4017BE
5V power supply

Estimated price : $10