@▷ Simple FM Receiver Pocket FM Radio by BF184 | Diagram for Schematic

Simple FM Receiver Pocket FM Radio by BF184

It is a pocket receiver that I built. The idea was to use a simple receiver, but can be used to escape to 3 times viewed. My previous 6-transistor receiver was more complicated and requires 12 volts. This means that 10 AA batteries. I designed and built acircuit board, and built a small aluminum box will hold Comact as possible.

There is nothing wrong with this design. The detector has a simple Colpitts oscillator is of a type often used in other receptor super-regeneration. It’s natural for yourself. The sensitivity for this type of detector is relatively low, but it’s simple and easy to get work. As always, gave me a feedback control to determine the optimum point of operation, ie. maximum sensitivity and minimum SCA / stereo subcarrier beat.

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