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Snore Alarm Diagram

Here the schematic diagram of snore alarm circuit:

Snore Alarm schematic diagram 300x196 Snore Alarm Diagram

Description about Snore Alarm diagram:
The idea behind this snore alarm, is just to rouse the snorer, not the entire household. To wake the sleeper, vibration is used, not an audible alert. The vibration is provided by a small motor housed in a small 35mm film case, which can be placed under the sleepers mattress or pillow. This circuit has a level control and peak display indicator, a variable trigger threshold and trigger indication.

Component part list:

C2,C1: 10uF/16V
C3: 10nF CAP
C4: 4u7/16V
C5: 100uF/16V
C6: 220uF/16V
C7: 470uF/16V
C8: 33uF/16V
C9: 22uF/16V
D1,D2: 1N4148 DIODE
D3,D4: 1N4001 DIODE
LED2 Red (or any colour)
Q1: 2N3053
Q2: BD131 or TIP31C
R1,R6,R16: 2k2 ohm
R2,R8: 1k ohm
R3: 47k ohm
R5,R4: 22k ohm
R7,R9: 100k ohm
R10,R12: 10k ohm
R11: 220k ohm
R13: 4k7 ohm
R14: 2k7 ohm
R15: 1M ohm
VR1,VR2: 10k ohm
IC1,2,3: 741,TL071 or 1 quad opamp, i.e TL084
IC4: 555

Detailed explanation about snore alarm circuit, visit this page:


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