@▷ Sounds train whistle with ic 556 | Diagram for Schematic

Sounds train whistle with ic 556

When pressed Sw1 will train noise emitted through the speakers. Created for use as sound alarms and other.Using the IC 556 is a great circuit.
This circuit features a small. Because it uses a single IC. Working out sound speakers directly.
Operation of the circuit.When connecting the power supply.Low frequency generator circuit to start out the 5th pin. A separate section to the 9 pin. To the speaker driver.Frequency depends on the R2, C2.The signal from the 5 pin is connected to the 8 pin.The R6, C1 to reset the circuit delay.
When the reset pin 8 signal. High frequency signal generators will come out at pin 9 of IC1. So frequencies that are characteristic of sound, low frequency. Then a high frequency.

Sounds train whistle  with ic 556

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