@▷ Temperature Sensor with Digital Output Circuit Diagram | Diagram for Schematic

Temperature Sensor with Digital Output Circuit Diagram

This circuit is an application of LM35 temperature sensor with analog output. The analog output is converted to digital voltage with IC AD0804, which is then displayed on 8 LED indicators. The ouput of ADC0804 is 8 bit digital with 8 LED indicators, which means the output is within 0-255 range.

This circuit can also be connected to the 7-segment display by adding 7-segment IC controller and some additional components. CT type step down transformator is used in this circuit. It has 0V-12V AC output voltage. IC2 lowers the voltage from 9V to 5V. Output voltage on IC3 can be controlled by adjusting the VR1. Here is the schematic :

Temperature sensor with Digital Output Circuit Diagram

Components list :
Diode D1-D4 : 1N4001
REsistor R1-R10 : 1k ohm
Variable resistor VR1 : 47k ohm
Polar capacitor C1 and C2 : 1000 uF/25V
Capacitor C3 : 150 pF
Temperature sensor : LM35
IC1 : ADC0804
IC2 : 7805
IC3 : LM317
Transformator : 220V AC, CT/1 A
LED1-LED8 : 5 mm

Estimated price : $5