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The FAN5631/5632, a 250mA Step-Down Charge Pump Datasheet

[Step-Down Charge Pump] The FAN5631/5632, a 250mA Step-Down Charge Pump Datasheet: fan5631-5632-typical-application-circuit-diagram-thumb.jpg

The FAN5631/5632 is a regulated Step-Down Charge Pump DC/DC Converter which is using switching technique FAN5631_5632 typical application circuit diagram technology that produce low output ripple, lower ESR spikes, and improve efficiency over a wide load range. Hence, FAN5631/5632 can produce a fixed regulated output voltage from an input voltage of 2.2V to 5 V. This device commonly used on application such as cell phones, hanheld computers, portable electronic equipment, digital cameras and etc.

It is recommended that you should not exceed FAN5631/5632 or design them to their Absolute Maximum Ratings as stated to ensure optimal performance in the datasheet specifications. The recommended operating conditions are Vcc (supply voltage range) 2.2 to 5.5V, Iout (Output Current/Vin > 2V) max 250mA, and Ta (operating ambient temperature range) -40 to +85 C which typically +25 C.

On detailed descriptions section within the FAN5631/5632 datasheet, there are descriptions about an efficiency optimizer feature that when enabled, it will changes the switch configuration from 2:1 to 1:1 at the lower treshold of Vin or step-down charge pump operation, pulse-skipping PFM and fractional switch operation, the shutdown, UVLO, short circuit, current limit and thermal shutdown.

The circuit diagram above show you about FAN5631/5632 typical application. Follow complete read about The FAN5631/5632, a Step-Down Charge Pump Device in the FAN5631/5632 datasheet here in pdf filetype (source: fairchildsemi.com)

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