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Toy Car Remote Control circuit diagram

The circuit, consisting of an infrared transmitter-receiver pair, utilizes IR beam transmission to switch the toy car ‘on’ or ‘off’, yeah… it will be only switching on and switching off, you may modify this circuit to make the toy car to turn left or right. To operate the toy car, you have to hold the transmitter in your hand, trying to keep it pointed at the toy car which has the receiver fitted inside, and just simply press a switch assigned on the transmitter. The transmitter operates off 9V DC supply,while the receiver will require only 6V DC supply.

Remote Control Transmitter Circuit

Toy Car Remote Control circuit

The transmitter circuit is constructed around two BC558 transistors (T1 and T2), 3 BC548 transistors (T3, T4 and T5), IR LED1 and a several discrete components.

In the transmitter circuit, you will find two astable multivibrators. The first,designed around transistors T1 and T2, generates a frequency of about 1.2 kHz. The 2nd, designed around transistors T3 and T4, generates about 38 kHz. IR LED1 is utilized to transmit the 38kHz frequency.

Remote Control Receiver Circuit

Toy Car Remote Control circuit

The Receiber circuit is constructed around IR receiver module TSOP1738, two BC548 transistors (T6 and T7) and a several discrete components.

In the receiver circuit, TSOP1738 receives the IR signal transmitted by IR LED1 of the transmitter circuit. The output of TSOP1738 is fed to transistor T6 through diode D1. The amplified signal is further provided to relay-driver transistor T7. Relay RL1 energises to control the toy car.

Working of the receiver circuit is very simple. At first, when no IR beam is falling on sensor TSOP1738, the relay stays de-energised and the toy car does not move. When switch S1 is pressed, the IR beam falls on TSOP1738 and its output goes low. Transistor T6 cuts off and transistor T7 conducts to energise relay RL1 and move the toy car.

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