@▷ Tripler Converts 5V to 15V by MAX1683 | Diagram for Schematic

Tripler Converts 5V to 15V by MAX1683

By configuring a charge-pump voltage doubler as a tripler, you can readily derive 15V from 5V (Figure 1). A 15V rail is useful for powering op amps, LCD-bias circuits, and other low-current applications. The connections shown configure the IC1 voltage doubler as a tripler. The no-load output voltage of the circuit is approximately 3VIN -2VD, where VD is the voltage drop across one diode. Use Schottky diodes as shown to minimize VD and its effect on output voltage. Because the circuit’s finite output impedance causes the output voltage to drop with load current (Figure 2), a practical limit for load current is approximately 30mA.

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