@▷ Two tone siren sound with IC 4093 | Diagram for Schematic

Two tone siren sound with IC 4093

This circuit, you can create a siren has two characteristics, the automatic is a siren. Sirens and custom. The circuit uses CMOS nand gate digital IC number IC 4093 features Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger makes it easy to use and very diverse. This circuit can be used with speakers or amplifiers to additional offline.
Principle of the circuit is the circuit switch S2a, S2b, which will run simultaneously at work. By acting as an option that will give birth to what kind siren. If the slide switch positions on a circuit, auto siren sound generator, will be IC1a, IC1b a siren signal generator. The signal will then be extended through C6 with Q1, to drive the speakers. If you move the switch to position 2 is the circuit we need to press the switch S1 to tone siren itself, and will be IC1c, IC1d while switch S1 sound is much higher, but when we switch S1 signal. Gradually lower, the signal generator will be delivered through C6 to Q1 growth to drive speakers as well.

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