@▷ Wiring Diagram Of 1998 Suzuki DR650 | Diagram for Schematic

Wiring Diagram Of 1998 Suzuki DR650

Herein you will see a schematic about the wiring diagram of the 1998 Suzuki DR650. It is wise to first read and understand the parts shown in this wiring diagram before making any attempt on your Suzuki motorcycle wiring connections. The wiring diagram of this Suzuki DR650 will consist parts you must deal with like: speedometer, indicator light, high beam indicator light, neutral indicator light, turn signal indicator light, front turn signal light, headlight, starter button, ignition coil, horn button, turn signal light switch, dimmer switch, ignition switch, clutch lever position switch, neutral switch, regulator/rectifier, generator, fuse box, main fuse, starter motor, starter relay, battery, rear turn signal light, license light, tail/brake light, side stand relay, turn signal relay, rear brake switch, side stand switch, diode, and CDI unit. You will also see wire color code here like B for Black, Bl for Blue, Br for Brown, and so on. (click image to enlarge)

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